The Secret Life of DVR Hoarders

By: Les Kumagai
FiOS Quantum TV's 200 Hours of HD Storage Sends DVR Hoarders Packing

Tonight is your favorite night for TV. But you’re going to be away from home, so you want to be sure to record all of your favorites. But when you try to schedule the recordings you get an error message. Your DVR is full. You need to delete previous recordings to make room for the show you want to record…hope you have a lot of time to pick-and-choose what to dump.

If you find yourself in this predicament often, it’s a sure bet that you or someone in your home is a DVR Hoarder. The typical DVR Hoarder is someone who refuses to delete recorded programs from their DVR – even when it runs out of storage capacity.

Hoarders 3

In a recent national survey of U.S. adults who use DVRs, 52% of respondents raised their hands, acknowledging that DVR hoarding is happening in their home. Most (24%) came clean, admitting that they are the DVR Hoarder in their home, while 18% laid blame on their significant other, their children (13%) or their roommate (6%).

Is DVR Hoarding treatable? Like tuner hogging, DVR Hoarding is really a symptom of a bigger problem – an anemic DVR with too little recording capacity and too few tuners. 

The solution is FiOS Quantum TV.  By subscribing to the Premium DVR option with FiOS Quantum TV, customers have 2 terabytes of mega-storage capacity.  That’s enough space to save up to 200 hours of HD programming.

Is Verizon FiOS Quantum TV too much of a good thing?  Our competitors might think so, but if you love TV as much as we do and want to hang on to those special moments, you need to get FiOS Quantum TV.

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