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Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect service available for public sector

Public sector organizations across federal, state and local, education and public safety are embracing the benefits of cloud computing. However, many struggle with the complexity of seamlessly connecting, managing and securing their cloud environments -- which often extend across multiple clouds and data centers. Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect, a software-defined networking offering that delivers the security, reliability, performance, simplicity and efficiency needed to support mission-critical workloads and applications, is now available to U.S.-based public sector organizations.

The service simplifies the management of connections between multiple cloud environments. It provides a secure, private Internet connection that features consumption-based bandwidth, pre-provisioned on-demand resources, application performance, multiple classes of service and usage-based billing models, and simple provisioning and management via a centralized online portal. “Public sector organizations across the U.S. rely on Verizon for secure and reliable networking,” said Mike Maiorana, senior vice president of public sector markets, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Our Secure Cloud Interconnect service builds on Verizon’s strengths and addresses many of the barriers impacting public sector cloud adoption, including security, scalability, flexibility and control. It delivers the connectivity our public sector clients require to support workload and application deployments across multiple cloud and data center providers.”

Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect – now available at more than 30 locations across the Americas, Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region – supports cloud (public, private and hybrid) and colocation solutions from a growing roster of connected cloud (Verizon, AWS, Microsoft,, HP, Google) and data center (CoreSite, Equinix, Verizon) providers. Following is a recap of Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect availability for the public sector.

  • Federal: Secure Cloud Interconnect, now available on Verizon’s Networx Universal and Enterprise contracts, currently offers connections to the FedRAMPSM-certified cloud platforms delivered by Verizon and Microsoft. Additional cloud providers will be added as network build outs and system integration work is completed.
  • State and Local, Education, Public Safety: These organizations, which do not typically require a FedRAMP-certified cloud environment, are able to tap into the full complement of cloud and data center providers with Secure Cloud Interconnect connections.

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