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04.01.2019Inside Verizon

Today’s the day. Hear from Hans.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Hans and the Up To Speed team talk Verizon 2.0.

Today's the day. Hear from Hans.

Verizon 2.0 is here. Now, we’re operating with three customer-facing areas: Consumer, Business and Verizon Media Groups supported by Global Network & Technology, along with corporate-wide staff functions. We talked to the leaders of these groups last week about what 2.0 will mean to them and their teams.

Hans announced the new structure last fall, saying it would elevate Verizon to be the greatest company in the world.

It's so much more than an organization. It's the way we're leading and approaching the way we do our strategy. Most important we bring the best of today to Verizon. We are a great company, and I want to go from a great company to a fantastic company.

Hans Vestberg


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