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04.05.2019Inside Verizon

From 2.0 to 5G all in one week.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

It’s been a week of making history at Verizon.

From 2.0 to 5G all in one week.

So, what did you get done this week?

We kicked off the week with the official start of Verizon 2.0 - a new organizing structure to serve our customers like never before.

We announced our first smartphone plan specifically designed with children in mind - Just Kids. The plan comes with both Safety Mode and Verizon Smart Family Premium, giving parents peace of mind.

And, oh yeah, on Wednesday, April 3, we launched the world’s first 5G Ultra Wideband Network in select areas of Chicago and Minneapolis. We also put the first 5G phones in customers hands.

This episode of Up To Speed, Week in Review, is dedicated to the V Team. Take a bow, you all deserve it.

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