Did someone say we have early access to all the C-Band?

By: Jennifer Marin
Communications Strategist/Writer

That’s a big deal and Lynn Cox breaks down what this exciting news means for our network and our customers.

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On today’s edition of Up To Speed Chief Network Engineer, Lynn Cox joined us to share some exciting news.

Four months ahead of schedule, we now have access to all of the 5G C-band spectrum we bought at auction.

Back in 2021 we bought a significant amount of spectrum and we needed the satellite companies to move off of it before we could start using it. Luckily our network team has been working diligently with those providers to make it happen, and as a result, it happened sooner than expected!

Lynn explained that we can think of spectrum as lanes on a highway. The more lanes you add, the more cars can use the highway to get where they’re going and the faster they can reach their destination. Similarly, the more spectrum we add, the more data can ride across it and the faster data sessions can be completed. For customers, it means more capacity and a better experience using their devices.

V Team this is a huge deal. With this spectrum, we’ll be nearly doubling and, in some markets, tripling the 5G bandwidth available to serve our customers. More bandwidth equals better performance, more capacity and in many places more availability of our 5G Home Internet product.

One other important note is that software upgrades need to happen on devices in order to take full advantage of these bandwidth upgrades. This is the perfect time to upgrade to one of our newest devices such as the iPhone 14 pro or the brand new Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5. And don’t forget to pair your shiny new device with our fantastic unlimited plans.

V Team, remember keeping our network great and continually improving the experience for our customers is a group effort. We ask that you keep sharing your feedback on our network via the My Verizon app. To submit your network experience feedback:

  1. Visit the My Verizon app, (It’s available in the latest version of the app, so you might need to update before you’re able to participate.)
  2. Once you have the latest version of the app, open the app, go to “More” then “V Team Toolkit” then “Network experience feedback” to submit.

Remember team, our customers have plenty to look forward to so be sure to spread the good news.

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About the author:

Jennifer Marin is a former local news reporter/anchor. She was born in Colombia but raised in Northern New Jersey. She loves to craft new recipes, create videos, and spend time with her pug, Sweetie.

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