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08.02.2018Inside Verizon

California, we’ve got your back.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Lending a helping hand and taking mobile gaming to the next level. 

Up To Speed 8-2 Video
We’re keeping first responders and the community connected as wildfires continue to burn in California. We’ve extended talk, text and data relief for our customers from July 30 through August 4
What's the buzz all about? This month's Accessory Buzz is music to our ears, and ideal for the remaining days of summer.
And we're taking mobile gaming to the next level with 5G. Cat Schmitz tells us how 5G and mobile games are working hand-in-hand to deliver the future of gaming.
The Rundown: Adults are now spending almost 6 hours per day watching video, WhatsApp has launched its four-person group video and voice calling and a new update to the Google Clock app adds an integration with Spotify.

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