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08.07.2018Inside Verizon

Let’s go, clap it in.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Students get a special back to school welcome, wildfires in California, a takeover in Tyler, TX and a chance to win one of this month’s accessory buzz devices all in one episode of Up To Speed.


Up To Speed 8-7 Video
On today’s Up To Speed, V Teamers show up at a Verizon Innovative Learning school in Georgia to welcome students back in style. Find out what we are doing to support first responders and those affected by the wildfires in California. Plus, we claim victory in Tyler, TX and you can win one of our accessory buzz devices. 
The Rundown: The NTSB issues a safety warning amidst the #InMyFeelings dance trend, Starting August 15th, MoviePass will limit users to just three movies a month and parents fear their children have a Fortnite addiction and are willing to pay for help

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