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02.11.2019Inside Verizon

Let’s 5G!

By: Verizon Up To Speed

An opportunity to express your excitement about the next-gen Network.

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Today, we’re talking about Let’s 5G! It’s a Verizon-led advocacy initiative that provides an opportunity for those who want 5G to express their support for the technology in direct outreach with their local and state officials. The Let’s 5G! platform will offer an opportunity for residents, business owners, virtually anyone who supports bringing the next generation of technology to get involved, to show their support and to have their questions about 5G answered.

And we’ve announced our 5G Ed Tech Challenge winners. The contest was used to challenge students to collaborate on ideas of how 5G could be implemented in their future education. Most of the winning entries revolved around AR and VR. Whether they take students on a journey through the cosmos or brings New York City monuments to life, the future sure looks bright.

Finally, don’t forget to join us later today for our MAKERS Black History Month Documentary Screening. The film features the stories of five influential black men and women who have made a difference in their communities. The event kicks off at 12 PM ET, followed by a discussion hosted by Karna Crawford and Harnet Tsehaye.

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