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02.14.2020Inside Verizon

Be mine, Verizon.

By: Andy Choi

Today on Up To Speed: Making valentines for all the stories we love this week.❤


Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. We’ve got lots of news to share and love to spread so let’s get to it!

Don’t miss today’s “I'm Proud of My Hair” BUILD event.

Be sure to catch an empowering conversation titled “Proud Of My Hair.” It’s taking place today at 12 PM ET, as our leaders team up with BUILD to share some powerful dialogue about hair, as well as a broader conversation on how we can all bring our authentic selves to the workplace.

You can tune in today at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT or watch the replay.

For that special woman in your life… a $5 million MAKERS fund.

This week’s MAKERS conference may be over but we’re definitely not done talking about it.

A highlight of the three-day event was our own Diego Scotti taking the stage to announce the creation of the “Future Fund,” a $5 million committment to support new and emerging female talent across entertainment and technology. The fund will help us ensure that female voices are represented both in front of and behind the camera.

Like money? Want more of it? Up your financial IQ with Cashay.

Today, Verizon Media announced the launch of Cashay, a new personal finance hub developed for younger, diverse audiences, offering a fresh perspective on money, managing finances and preparing for the future at every stage of life.

With a modern look and design, Cashay will help guide readers through their biggest financial decisions with experiential and educational content. “As the wealth gap continues to grow, financial literacy will be paramount in facilitating younger audiences to succeed both professionally and personally,” said Joanna Lambert, head of Consumer at Verizon Media. “Cashay was launched to deliver the tools and tips that enables these audiences to have a powerful impact in the world.”

Check out Cashay here.

Celebrating a life of purpose: Jim Barry.

In the spirit of love and kindness we’re highlighting Purpose Champion Jim Barry, storekeeper at our Roseland, NJ, garage. Yoli Stancil chose to give her purpose coin to Jim for the pride he takes in his work and for always going above and beyond. Jim makes sure everyone leaves the garage with a smile on their face, whether from conversation, snacks or the pastries he brings in every Friday.

Verizon and Honeywell: A smart partnership for your home and business.

Honeywell is integrating Verizon’s Managed Connectivity LTE solutions into smart meters and other edge devices, developing the next evolution of the smart electric grid. This will allow Honeywell to provide its customers with a wireless networking platform as part of its Smart Energy software, hardware and services, delivering secure and reliable IoT communications for utility applications.

The new razr gets rave reviews on the Today Show.

Want to see TV hosts flip for a new phone? The Motorola razr got lots of love from the morning crew over at the Today Show on NBC. And here’s even better news: the new razr is exclusive to Verizon.

Watch all of the excitement here.

Tour of Disney Studios contest

Did you win a trip to Disney Studios? Look for an announcement this afternoon as we unveil all of the lucky winners.

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