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Today on Up To Speed: A great new way to protect your home devices.

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When you spill coffee on a laptop or drop a tablet on a hard floor, you panic.

“How much is this going to cost me?”

Accidents happen, and when something happens to your smartphone, we’ve got you covered. But what if something happens to other devices at home?

Verizon Protect Home is your solution. It’ll give you peace of mind for your eligible home products including tablets, laptops, home entertainment, smart devices and even your wearables. If one of your covered devices breaks down, we’ll repair or replace it for you.

Verizon Protect Home also covers your digital security and privacy. It protects your devices from online threats and gives you secure wi-fi. You’ll also receive identity theft alerts, flags for risky websites and protection from computer viruses.

Not very techie? Don’t worry. With Verizon Protect Home, one of our certified Tech Coaches will walk you through any setup or tech support you might need. They’ll even stop by to help you setup and optimize your smart devices.

Verizon Protect Home is available for wireless, Fios and 5G Home customers for $25 a month. (Note: This service is not available for Verizon wireless customers in the state of New York.)

We've got you covered with your smartphone as well. You can enroll in Verizon Protect for device protection, security and support.

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