02/05/2020|Inside Verizon

Big game. Bigger purpose.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: V Teamers give back in big ways in Miami.

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Celebrating Unsung Heroes

Part of our mission here at Verizon is to move the world forward by giving back.

That’s why we sponsored an Unsung Heroes luncheon in Miami, FL, last week with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Employees and volunteers packed hundreds of care packs for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors as part of the NFL’s Huddle for 100 volunteerism campaign.

V Teamers pack disaster kits for Red Cross

Also last week in Miami, volunteers from the Verizon Business Group gathered outside Hard Rock Stadium to build 500 disaster kits for the Red Cross. These kits will be distributed to people in need after a hurricane or natural disaster strikes the area.

“This team lives in this area and it’s our families that get displaced,” said Jennifer Terrell, Field Marketing Manager. “To be able to do this for other people in the community, it feels really good.” From first aid supplies to personal hygiene items, the kits contain all the basic necessities a person or family would need in a time of crisis.

“We need to make sure that whenever that crisis comes, we’re already prepared and ready to assist our customers,” said Melissa Frazier, Public Safety Marketing Manager. “They depend on us not only for the best network, they also depend on us to help with their basic needs whenever they’re in a crisis.”

Eli Manning and our One More Sunday ad

In our new ‘One More Sunday’ ad, former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning urges fans across the country to use the time they devoted to watching football during the NFL season to come together to make a positive impact in their communities during the off season.

At the same time, V Teamers and celebrities like Russell Wilson, Luke Bryan and Pearl Jam have been sharing the ad on Twitter for the causes they’re supporting and Verizon has pledged $1 for every retweet. So far it’s been retweeted over 8,000 times.

We made a bold commitment to dedicate 2.5M volunteer hours by 2025 to make an impact in the areas of digital inclusion, climate protection, and human prosperity.

Head over to verizon.com/volunteer to see how you can make an impact in your community.

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