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07.10.2018Inside Verizon

The work we do and the people who do it.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

The V Team is made up of a large group of diverse people who choose to work at Verizon just as much as Verizon chooses them. 

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Whether it’s helping first responders stay connected during wildfires or connecting cities to create a better quality of life, we have some of the most talented, dedicated and diverse employees who choose to work at Verizon. And we couldn’t be prouder to call them V Team. 
In this episode of Up To Speed:
  • Diana Scudder gives us an update on the wildfires in Colorado. 
  • Victoria Dower from the Smart Communities team tells us why she loves doing what she does. 
  • Plus, we highlight an organization called Creative Spirit, a non-profit organization that finds employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. They introduced us to one of our newest V Teamers, Damian Cignarella, who’s part of our Learning and Development team. 
On today's rundown:
Google has a new AI software designed to make calls to businesses and book appointments. Netflix is getting rid of user reviews. And Drake is breaking records with his new album 'Scorpion'. 

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