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07.13.2018Inside Verizon

A week in review with a whole lot of new.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Fridays mean Up To Speed week in review, but we’ve got a lot of new stuff to share about everything happening around and inside Verizon.

Up To Speed 7-13 Video
The new: We’re bringing Fios to the neighborhood in our latest ad. Watch how interns from across the country are coming together to support their local communities. Hot deals on Android and Apple devices.
The review: Ryan O’Shea at our Wireless B2B Summit. V Teamer Damian Cignarella is working with Creative Spirit to bring more diversity to the workplace. We want your questions for our 2Q Results Webcast on July 24 at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT.
The fun: A grandma doesn’t know why a GIF of Steve Harvey won’t start clapping in her family group chat. Luckily, her local Verizon store was able to help and put her at ease. 

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