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07.05.2018Inside Verizon

Do you remember the first CD you bought?

By: Verizon Up To Speed

On today’s Up To Speed, we check in on the wildfires in NoCal, spotlight how we prepare for the unexpected while others use 5G to explore the edge of cloud computing. Plus, Jeremy and Sravya reminisce about the first CDs they ever bought.


Up To Speed 7-5 Video
Our first day back from the 4th of July holiday, we check in with Curtis Mentz as he tells us how we're helping first responders stay connected while battling forest fires in Northern California. We also highlight a Best For A Good Reason video to show what we do to prepare our Network for the unexpected. 
The 5G Alley space in NY City is home to several startups trying to push the limits with the latest in Network Technology. We check in on LiquidSky to see how they are using 5G to explore the edge of cloud computing. 
On The Rundown, smartphones get an airbag, WiFi gets some new security protocols and Jeremy and Sravya share the first CD they bought after Best Buy announced they would be reducing the number of CDs sold in stores. 

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