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07.06.2018Inside Verizon

101 reasons our Network is tops.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today’s Up To Speed takes a look back on everything happening inside Verizon this week. We’ve got RootMetrics, wildfire response, accessories and Hum.

Up To Speed 7-6 Video
It's our week in review. 
We're delivering the best network experience to 101 of 125 metro areas across the nation, according to RootMetrics. When it comes to an emergency, we're always there to help, whether it’s assisting first responders or making sure our Network is protected, we got you covered
Acting CTO Kyle Malady writes about how 5G is paving the way for the fourth industrial revolution. And Hum has some new updates to help keep you safe when you're on the road.
Plus, Solutions Specialist Greg Musantry gives us a look at the hottest accessories for the month. 

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