06.13.2019|Inside Verizon

I was hired, and that changed my life forever.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

A V Teamer shares his story at the Pride webcast, the Moto Z4 is available, and Andy is in Indy talking to Dads.

V Teamer Josh Barber shares his Verizon story as part of our Pride celebration, and how he wants it to inspire others.

The Moto Z4 is now available for consumers. It's got awesome front- and rear-facing cameras, and is compatible with the 5G Moto Mod.

Father's Day is only a few days away. Andy Choi hit the streets of Indy to find out how dads are staying connected with their kids.

It's all on today's Up To Speed, your best source for everything happening around and Inside Verizon.

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