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06.07.2018Inside Verizon

We’re talking diversity, a Network win and Smart Cities.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Ronan Dunne takes part in a BUILD series discussion about diversity. Overall network performance puts us on top in the latest RootMetrics® results. And kiosks are helping one community get smarter.

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Here’s what’s happening on today’s Up To Speed. 
Ronan Dunne joined author and activist Sarah McBride and MAKERS editorial director Michelle Tan for a conversation about how the fourth Industrial Revolution will impact workforce diversity as a part of the BUILD Series
RootMetrics® released a report revealing Verizon as the top wireless experience in the nation – 97 cities tested so far in their 1H 2018 Metro Area series, Verizon was unbeaten in overall network performance in 74 cities. 
Earlier this year, our Smart Communities team began installing kiosks throughout the city of  New Rochelle, NY, to give residents free internet access, charging stations and provide weather and city navigation information.
And check this out, our new South East wireless retail leader Kwame Trotman answers some questions in our latest 60 seconds.
On today's rundown with Alex:
  • Microsoft is reportedly looking to add Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant functionality to Xbox One.
  • Yahoo Finance put a list of the best highlights to come with the iOS 12 update.
  • The Hot Wheels Zoom In has a slot to accommodate one of GoPro's Hero5 and Session action cameras.
The stories. 

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