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03.14.2019Inside Verizon

Big steps toward 5G.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Ronan talks to Yahoo Finance, our latest podcast with Sanyogita Shamsunder and a new ad spotlights why our engineers do what they do. 


Today’s episode is all about the big steps we’ve taken towards 5G.

Head of Wireless Ronan Dunne talks with Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman and Adam Shapiro about Chicago and Minnesota getting 5G Ultra Wideband Mobility, plus the world’s first 5G-enabled smartphone.

Sanyogita Shamsunder, who leads the 5G Ecosystems and Innovation team, talked about how we’re leading the way with 5G in our latest Up To Speed podcast.

And starting today, the 5G moto mod is available to consumers for pre-order, and it’s all launching with a brand new ad that really puts into perspective the amazing technology we hold in the palm of our hands.

It’s all on today’s Up To Speed, the best place for everything happening around and inside Verizon.

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