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In today’s edition of Up To Speed Live, we learned more about our exciting network upgrades, deals and the value we’re continuing to provide for our customers.

Network Upgrades

Raquel and Jen were joined by our new EVP of Global Networks and Technology, Joe Russo, to discuss the future of our network, and it was pretty apparent just how excited he is about his new role. According to Joe, a large part of that excitement is due to Verizon, and our engineers, whom he described as being “the best team in the industry.”

Joe framed our massive network upgrades as having three key parts:

  1. The core of our network. This is where we ensure that customer data, phone calls and more get to where they need to go. We recently completed a major fiber upgrade of the long-haul network to ensure this happens, increasing capacity and resiliency.
  2. Fiber access networks, which includes products like Fios and Enterprise Customers directly buying Fiber. In fact, we just recently launched our Fios 2 Gig service in NYC.
  3. Wireless access network. We’ve been deploying our Ultrawideband at an alarmingly fast rate. Last week, we announced that 200 million customers can now get access to our 5G UWB product.

Joe noted that currently, the biggest 5G use case is fixed wireless access; over one million customers are using it for their home broadband needs, and that number is continuing to climb.

Providing Feedback

Joe encouraged V Teamers to provide their network feedback through the My Verizon App. This enables engineers to troubleshoot and identify areas of improvement for the network. For the next phase of this app, engineers will be able to go directly into the account of the V Teamer who submits the feedback, which allows for more comprehensive troubleshooting of the issue.

We’re also proactively letting customers know when we’re doing network upgrades in their area so they are kept abreast of any temporary issues – and to excite them for the future of their network experience.

Lastly, we’ve divided our wireless access team into 18 markets across the country and are building relationships with local sales teams to forge a closer connection and gain valuable feedback.

All of these efforts are critical because at the end of the day, as Joe reminded us, “the network is the foundation for what we do.”

Savings Madness

Raquel introduced us to Communications team member Chris Serico, who gave us a March Madness-themed segment outlining all the ways Verizon’s savings and value are a slam dunk this March and beyond.

Chris described how the local communications team has been traveling to TV stations throughout the Northeast to talk about the benefits of combining Verizon Home Internet with Verizon mobile internet. That means New York City, Washington, D.C., New England and Philadelphia.

Digital Skills Training

Verizon recently announced that our award-winning education initiative, Verizon Innovative Learning, has provided over three million students nationwide with digital skills training. The program, which launched in 2012, addresses barriers to digital inclusion by giving students the technology skills needed to pursue careers for success in the digital world.

The Verizon Innovative Learning initiative strives to help close the digital divide through key programs and resources including Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, Verizon Innovative Learning HQ and more.

STEM Symposium

Recently, Brandon Nathan, Hosea Dammons and Camilo Rodriguez Gallego, who are members of our Verizon Enhanced Communities team, joined forces with Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte to be the primary sponsor of their STEM Youth Symposium.

The Enhanced Communities team created a session on eSports and engaged with over 200 students, inspiring them to consider how eSports can help them get into college and find energizing career opportunities. And this is only the start of this exciting partnership.

Blue Apron PLUS

V Team, it’s time to get cooking! Meal service company Blue Apron recently announced the launch of Blue Apron PLUS, a new savings program exclusively on Verizon’s +play platform. That’s right, V Team: It’s time to get cooking.

With Blue Apron PLUS, you’ll have access to exclusive savings on meal-kit subscriptions, including 35% off their first 5 eligible meal kit orders, then 15% off each eligible order after that.

For a limited time, Verizon employees and customers can get 3 months of Blue Apron PLUS free.

To learn more about Blue Apron PLUS, find all the details here.

V Team Shoutout

Raquel and Jen continued our new tradition of shouting out V Teamers who engage with our @InsideVerizon social content. Be sure to follow, like, comment and share our content for a chance to hear your name on Up To Speed.

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