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By: Jennifer Marin

Stock Together news, heroic V Teamers and learn more about our latest ESG report.

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In today’s edition of Up To Speed Live, hosts Raquel and Jen gave us several important updates from around the business and highlighted some of the ways we’re showing up in moments that matter around the country.

Denver and Nashville

Denver, CO, and Nashville, TN, were tragically impacted by two school shootings in recent days. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted.

Tragedies like these can be traumatic to many of us, especially those with school-aged children, or teachers and their families. Verizon has resources in place to help, including the Employee Assistance Program, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Storm Update

Friday night, the Southeast was hit by over 20 tornadoes across Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, with Mississippi being especially hard hit. Our network is continuing to perform well, and we have mobile assets in place to support the hardest-hit areas.

Thank you to all the V Teamers running to these crises to provide support in these affected communities.

Please consider donating to our Employee Relief Fund, VtoV, which provides aid for Verizon employees displaced from their homes due to natural disasters. Any and all donations make a meaningful impact.

Running to a crisis

Chris Leonard and Nick Christian, two of our Mid-Atlantic South service technicians based in Newport News, VA, recently showed heroic bravery after a house fire broke out while they were on assignment.

Chris had just wrapped up an on-site assignment and was about to pull out of his customer’s driveway when he saw smoke billowing from a porch across the street.

He jumped into action and called another Verizon technician, Nick Christian, who happened to be less than a block away.

Chris attempted to contain the fire by spraying the roof with a garden hose, while Nick called 911 and helped the family evacuate the house. Just as the fire began to spread to the attic, Nick and Chris helped three adults and their dog escape the house before the fire department arrived.

According to the fire marshall, if Chris and Nick had not acted as quickly as they did, the entire house would have been engulfed in flames.

Chris and Nick have already made news locally, with WAVY-TV, an NBC and Fox affiliate in Virginia, running a story highlighting their bravery, running a story highlighting their bravery.

We are so proud of Chris and Nick, whose heroic actions lived up to our Verizon Credo, which celebrates how “we run to a crisis, not away.”

Stock Together payout

Today, eligible V Teamers are receiving the final third of the 2020 Stock Together award. Since this is the third year of the Stock Together program, if you’ve been at Verizon since the first grant in 2020, you’re receiving three payouts in total this year.

The 2023 Stock Together grant will appear in your Fidelity account this Thursday, March 30.

Stock Together is a broad-based equity award program that launched in 2020 so that all of us can share in the success of Verizon. If you have any questions, contact our HR Answers team.

2022 ESG Report

Today, we launched our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

You'll find the latest on our management of topics like climate change, digital responsibility and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Click here to read a brief overview of the ESG report.

Click here to read the full ESG report.

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