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03.09.2020Inside Verizon

A coronavirus update.

By: Andy Choi
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Today on Up To Speed: Hans shares the latest on COVID-19 and what V Teamers need to know, plus key takeaways from the VZPulse survey. 


Hans shared an update on coronavirus (COVID-19) and VZPulse.

Coronavirus update

Verizon leaders and the Crisis Management Team are meeting every day to stay on top of new coronavirus developments, as the safety of our employees remains our top priority.

“In times like this, communication becomes enormously important, for us, for our customers, and for the society in general,” said Hans Vestberg.

Continue to check out our COVID-19 Resource Page for the very latest information. Verizon Media team, please visit the resource page on The Street.


We have the results from our 1Q20 VZPulse survey. One important number to share with you: We had a record high participation rate of 88%.

Leaders will share more information with us about the results and other key takeaways in the next few days.

Your honest feedback via VZPulse helps us uncover better ways to work together, so thank you!

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