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05.14.2019Inside Verizon

Are you ready to tackle Tuesday?

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Just Kids, a military spouse gets personal, Shawn Mendes in concert and V Teamers in a park.

Are you ready to tackle Tuesday?

Over the weekend, Verizon sponsored a Just Kids Skills and Drills event at the Indianapolis Colts practice facility. Kids got the chance to run drills in the same building as the players, and even got a visit from Colts safety Malik Hooker.

Fifty V Teamers from our Chandler, AZ, Consumer Call Center for Wireless customers, along with their families and several four-legged friends, took part in cleaning up a local park.

Consumer Group South Area leader John Granby is a military spouse and shares his own personal reasons for holding our military in such high regard.

And a reminder that tonight at 8 PM ET, Yahoo will be streaming an exclusive Shawn Mendes concert, where an audience of 3,000 Verizon Up members will be rocking out with the pop star.

It’s all on today’s Up To Speed, the best place for everything happening around and inside Verizon.

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