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05.15.2018Inside Verizon

Hero Techs and more on today’s Up To Speed.

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First, it's National Police Week, and Gabe Esposito shares an update on Police Week in Washington, DC. Second, Verizon's ThingSpace announced a new program and set of services called ThingSpace Ready.

We rundown the news: Nintendo announced the NES Classic is coming back to retail stores this summer, the console will go on sale again across the U.S. on June 29; TiVo’s DVRs are getting Alexa support; Facebook has reportedly found 200 more apps that may have misused your data during their app audit; and, MIT graduates have opened a restaurant where robotic woks do all of the cooking.

Also, a story of two Technicians in Baltimore, Maryland who came to the rescue of a woman in need. And, Verizon participates in the U.S. Army’s training program known as Training With Industry.

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