Introducing: myPlan.

By: Raquel Wilson

We're giving our customers true freedom with our first ever customizable, personalized phone plan.

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The big day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived, and the cat is out of the bag: myPlan has officially been unveiled.

On today’s edition of Up To Speed Live, host Raquel Wilson came to us from our store in Herald Square in New York City, and she was joined by a special guest, Sowmyanarayan Sampath, Executive Vice President and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group.

myPlan redefines what phone plans look like, and it’s the first kind of plan in the U.S. that gives customers freedom and full control.

Sampath broke down how myPlan is a perfect example of Verizon listening to its customers. “What we heard is that they want more freedom, more flexibility and more choice,” Sampath said. “And, of course, they want the best network.” 

Just like we shook the industry up when we launched Mix & Match in 2018, myPlan is looking to do that in a bigger way by offering customers flexibility with their rapidly-changing needs and with savings you can’t get anywhere else on the market.

For a family of four, myPlan starts at just $30 per line, when you sign up for Unlimited Welcome with four or more lines with a $10/line Auto Pay discount, plus taxes and fees – you can get our amazing 5G network, your way, in just 2 steps:

  1. First, you’ll choose your Unlimited network option: either Unlimited Welcome with fast, reliable 5G; or Unlimited Plus with 5G Ultra Wideband, our fastest 5G, 30 GB of premium mobile hotspot data, and up to 50% off a watch, tablet, hotspot or Hum plan. Plus, for a limited time, the price you pay for your Unlimited Plus monthly plan is guaranteed for three years (price guarantee excludes taxes and fees).
  2. Next, you’ll choose your favorite content and services – we’re calling them “perks” because at just $10/month per perk, you’re saving anywhere from $3 to $35 per month.

You also have the option of starting with our most popular plans, like Unlimited Plus with the Disney Bundle that includes Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu – you can then customize it to make it your own.

Raquel and Sampath shared what their own myPlans would look like, and Sampath emphasized that our customers can always adjust, tweak and put their own spin on any plan they choose, all from the comfort of their phone with the My Verizon App. Sampath even hinted that he might tweak his own plan as his and his family’s preferences evolve.

We wrapped up this exciting episode by hearing live from one of our Verizon Insiders Program (VIP) retail rockstars, Paul Martin, located in Noblesville, IN. Paul shared his favorite perks and the excitement in his store.

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