We're talking speed, determination and 5G on today's Up To Speed. | About Verizon
05.24.2018Inside Verizon

We're talking speed, determination and 5G on today's Up To Speed.

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Up To Speed 5-24 Video

Today is Speed Day. Catch our livestream with the US Olympic Luge Team on the Up To Speed Facebook page at 10:30 AM ET.

Next, Global Network and Technology leader Hans Vestberg hosted a Tech Symposium. He was joined by Hugh Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of Global Citizen. They discussed how technology can be used to mobilize citizens in an effort to eradicate poverty today and in the future - and how a company like Verizon can do its part. The conversation is available on our latest Up To Speed podcast

The Rundown with Jennifer: Oath CEO Tim Armstrong appeared on Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas; iHeartRadio launched Graduation Playlist; and, Americans are prioritizing phone payments over car loans. 

V Teamer Nieama Booker went from hard times to a President's Cabinet Winner, and Alex is out in the field showing how we're using AR and VR to train our techs. 

The stories. 


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