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05.08.2019Inside Verizon

You won’t believe who cybercriminals are targeting.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

This year’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report reveals the new target. 

You won’t believe who cybercriminals are targeting.

According to this years Data Breach Investigative Report released by Verizon and it looks like cybercriminals have their eyes set on the C-Suite. Katie sat down with Alex Schlager from the Verizon Business Group to get a deeper look into this year’s report.

Andy Choi and Network Engineer and recent Credo Award winner Garima Garg were recently on WGN Chicago Radio to talk about 5G. Last month, we launched 5G Ultra Wideband Mobility Network in the Windy City. Garima led a team responsible for the 5G launch and was also featured in Up To Speed presents First To 5G.

It’s all on today’s Up To Speed, the best place for everything happening around and inside Verizon.

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