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By: Jessica Bonardi

V Teamer Geoffrey Federmeier shares his family’s journey of adopting four children.

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On today’s episode of Up To Speed, we meet V Teamer Geoffrey Federmeier, an Associate Director in our Government Program Management department based in Ashburn, VA.

Geoffrey shared how around the age of 22, he and his wife wanted to start a family but after many years of trying, it wasn’t working out and they decided to look into international adoption. He noted how Verizon’s Family Assistance & Reimbursement Program played a major role in their decision to move forward with the process – which has now made them the parents of four adopted children.

“We wouldn't have been able to even consider doing our 3rd and 4th adoptions so quickly without knowing that that was going to be available,” Geoffrey said.

Geoffrey expressed that it was an exciting process but also a very difficult one. Some time after they submitted all their required paperwork, they received a call saying they had a match. They drove to John F. Kennedy airport the day before Thanksgiving and were handed their first daughter.

He also shared that each adopted child is given with as much background information on them as is available. However, that information isn’t always accurate – they are simply risks for consideration. In fact, he was informed his first adopted daughter would have more health ailments than his son, whom was also adopted, and the opposite actually turned out to be true.

He and his wife decided that they didn’t want to make that background information a factor in their future adoption decisions. “We felt like we could help some of these kids that might have a harder time getting a match, they certainly still need a home and care,” Geoffrey said.

Geoffrey also shared how several of his children have special needs, including a genetic disorder, ADHD, and autism and how helpful Verizon’s benefits have been in helping with all their medical needs.

“Having a company that understands that there's important work to be done but that important work gets done when people are able to be their best selves,” Geoffrey said. “And I've had wonderful support in the things I've needed to take care of my family and also to grow in my career.”

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