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From storm-tracking to 40-yard dashing, it’s the week in review.

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Today on Up To Speed: Plus V Teamers walk for a friend in need.


The week in review.

On Tuesday, Steve reported from Plant City, FL, giving us a close look at the work our network engineers put in all weekend long to prepare for Hurricane Dorian. 

Wednesday, we announced free calling and texting to the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. V Teamer Shakera Dyer in Alpharetta, GA, told us how important it was for her to be able to connect with her family in the Bahamas.

Then on Thursday, we put three NFL superstars to the test against 5G and announced the availability of the 5G Ultra Wideband Network in 13 stadiums. Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, and Keyshawn Johnson all tried to run a 40-yard dash faster than a 5G phone could download an entire season of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks.’

Fios announces Altice partnership for local news coverage.

This Thursday, Verizon Fios announced a partnership with Altice USA that will bring more local news coverage to customers in the New York tri-state area. Starting in November, Fios customers will begin receiving News 12 Networks. In early 2020, Fios customers will also have access to the global news network, i24 news, and Cheddar, digital-first business network focusing on technological innovations. You can read more about the partnership here.

V Teamer plans 5K after successful brain surgery. 

Corey Czmiel, Director of Client Services for Verizon Business Group Operations in Cary, NC, underwent surgery for a brain tumor this summer. Now in the process of recovering from the operation, Cory has launched a team for the 5K charity walk/run, Head for the Cure. The event takes place this Saturday, September 7 in Chapel Hill, NC. You can read more about Corey’s story and how to participate in the 5K right here.


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