Staying Organized With Tablets & Smartphones

Are you a multi-tasker? From the crazy busy CEO to the overscheduled school PTA president, you can easily stay organized and productive by taking advantage of apps and online tools on your smartphone or tablet.

Here are five we suggest you test out:

Doodle — A scheduling solution to email clutter when checking on meeting dates for several people. Identify a time slot or open window for a call or meeting, ask everyone about preferences and Doodle finds the slot that works for most.

Workflowy — An online tool that makes a list of high-level ideas and tasks and breaks them into smaller pieces. Sort tasks by personal and work and create sublists to organize clutter.

ZiteAn app that creates a personally curated online magazine from blogs, Twitter streams and videos from friends. Checks popularity of articles and your online activity, such as links shared on Twitter. Use it to easily share articles in your social media circles.

Dropbox — A cloud-based storage utility that puts all files on every computer you use so you can share with collaborators and colleagues. Eliminates problems with sending large files that are rejected by some emails.

HootSuite — A great social media dashboard that lets you monitor and post to multiple networks and monitor your company/brand online. Can be used with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, WordPress and Foursquare.

Do you use these? What are your go-to apps that keep you organized and productive when you're on the go?

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