Super Bowl LI by the numbers top 10 list

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Karen Schulz

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Did you know:

  1. Verizon customers used 11 TB of data in the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday which was 57% more than last year’s big game.
  2. The top five uses of wireless customers were: uploading and watching video, social media, web browsing, uploading to the cloud, sports apps (NFL Mobile, etc.)
  3. The top three favorite social media apps of Verizon customers were Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
  4. The highest moment of wireless use during the game was Lady Gaga’s swan dive onto the Super Bowl halftime stage.
  5. Verizon customers used 86 TB of data throughout the nine days of events which was 25% more than last year’s festivities. 
  6. Verizon’s network was used by 45% of attendees in the stadium at this year’s Super Bowl.
  7. Verizon added 450% more network capacity for the Super Bowl.
  8. Verizon deployed more than 220 small cells to keep customers connected, adding 18 times capacity around downtown Super Bowl event areas.
  9. The portable cell site at Super Bowl Live used a new technology which made it the equivalent of eight cell towers in one.
  10. Verizon staffed a 24x7 command center with engineers, vendors, and technicians throughout the week to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

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