The Tablets are Coming! Or are They Already Here?

Have you got a tablet in your household?  Today, it seems hard to find a household that doesn’t have a Kindle, iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet, just to name a few.

If you don’t own one, chances are, it won’t be long before you join the tablet club.  In a story in USA Today on May 29, noted research firm IDC says tablets will outstrip PC sales this year and by 2015, will outpace the combined PC market.

Tablets versus PCs is a bit like cell phones versus house phones.  Odds are most households have one PC, maybe two.  But it’s not uncommon for everyone in today’s household to want their own tablet.    In many instances, each family member already has their own tablet.

This translates to more devices in the household sharing data, demanding more bandwidth to run multiple applications simultaneously and adding further justification to more  FiOS Internet subscribers taking advantage of the $10 per month Quantum upgrade program, moving their household data capacity to the 50/25 Megabits Quantum tier.  Customers are flocking to that speed and in the process enjoying a much better user experience.

The NPD Group, a global information and advisory services provider, tells us that today’s U.S. household has an average of seven Internet-connected devices; by 2016 that number is projected to be at least 11.  That certainly correlates with the IDC report. 

We’ve seen a very strong response from our customers as they recognize both the value of the upgrade price, the Internet speed and the ease of ordering the upgrade – simply by visiting channel 500 on FiOS TV is probably the easiest.  Best news for you if you haven’t taken the $10 Quantum upgrade?  We have room for more!