Technicians Heroic Acts Go Beyond the Job in Queens

By: Phil Burrows

It’s not every day that we witness a crime happening right in front of us. When crimes are committed, some will turn a blind eye, thinking someone else will help out, and fortunately there are those who act on instinct to thwart bad things from happening. And they epitomize one of the principles of the Verizon Credo: We run to a crisis.

Verizon technicians Michael Popowich, Anthony Howley and John Gilday recently made no hesitation to help when heroes where in need.

While finishing up a job in Flushing Queens last week, the three men, who happen to be natives of Queens, noticed a woman down the street being assaulted in broad daylight. With no hesitation, the three technicians dropped what they were doing and sprang into action, chasing the attacker away from the victim. After a short chase, the three technicians restraining the attacker until police arrived to arrest him

While they are heroes in our eyes, Michael, Anthony, and John said they were just doing the right thing and it was their natural reaction to protect the people of the community.

The heroic action of Michael, Anthony and John remind us that although we have our everyday “jobs”, sometimes there are things of much greater importance that arise – often out of the blue.

Our technicians showed true character and dedication with their actions to help a stranger in distress -- qualities that we embrace at Verizon with open arms.

For the full story please visit http://queenscourier.com/2013/verizon-workers-stop-flushing-rape-chase-down-suspect/ @QueensCourier

About the author(s): 

Phil is an external communications coordinator, supporting public relations and integrated marketing for Verizon. His responsibilities include creating new ways to engage with the FiOS consumer base and media, both nationally and locally. While he often writes about the latest FiOS news, he also enjoys networking and discussing how technology is fueling a change in our everyday lifestyle.