#ThrowbackThursday: Fashion Blogger Reminisces on Shopping Before Mobile

This is part of our #ThrowbackThursday series - with a focus on tech, of course!

This is a guest post from Alex McLean (@LexWhatWear), founder and author of Lex What Wear, a fashion and lifestyle blog originating in the heart of New York City. Alex, a Kentucky native, shares her big-city adventures with a Southern, small-town twist. In this #ThrowbackThursday post, Alex reminisces on what it was like to shop before mobile technology and how essential it is to have now.

Lex What Wear started as a creative outlet for me, but over time it has evolved into something much bigger than I had ever expected. Today, it is a place of inspiration for me and my readers, but it has also become a small business of sorts. I treat it as my own startup, and I give it the time and energy any small business would need to succeed.

On a weekly basis, I create blog posts that incorporate style boards, outfit photos, lifestyle tips and trends to try, and I put a spotlight on shops I feel everyone needs to discover. Lex What Wear has become a one-stop-site for anyone interested in fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

Creating content to help my readers shop is a huge part of what I do. I use my phone religiously to do this. It is always glued to my hip. When I work from home or if I’m out of the office, I am on a tablet.

Before mobile technology, I remember taking to the malls with my mom, trying to remember what I wanted, and how I was going to put pieces together. Now, shopping is essentially easier than ever. You can take photos while you’re shopping to compare notes, or to send to friends to get their approval. You can track sales and see who has the best price for the piece you are looking for. Smartphones make a few hours at the mall or outlets a piece of cake!

I seek inspiration from several outlets, including mobile technology, specifically social media. Lately, Instagram has been a huge resource for blog content and style ideas. I’ve been able to utilize mobile technology to leverage contacts for fashion events, fashion week parties and to find the stores that speak to my style. I often even use the sights and scenes around me to influence content. I snap photos with my phone to spot new or interesting photos, and I window shop to gain a better understanding for upcoming trends.

I use my smartphone when I’m in stores or at events so I can maximize the experience. In order to “make it” as a blogger right now, you have to market every experience, every outfit, every detail of every moment. The minute I walk into a fashion event, I am taking notes on my phone, taking photographs and planning how it is best to share with the viral world what I’m seeing and doing. It is crucial to the success of growing your audience to capture every moment so your readers feel that they are there, too.

The fashion industry changes by the second. The industry as a whole has to be able to adapt and change just as quickly as the technology around it. I think people in fashion have done a good job incorporating smartphones, tablets and smart accessories, such as the Square Card Reader or Square Stand, for sales purposes. I still think there is work to be done, where every aspect of the industry functions at a higher tech level. But for the retail part of the industry, they have made smartphones and tablets their best friend. If you walk into Coterie - one of the largest markets currently, every brand representative selling to their buyers is using a tablet to show their collection and a smartphone to calculate totals, capture pictures, etc. It’s amazing.

Something I’ve recently discovered to make shopping easier is mobile banking. I use it every day. When I moved to New York, I had never used it. It was more of a hassle to me at that time. Now, I can’t live without it. It’s quick and easy for a lifestyle on the go.

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