Treat, No Tricks, This Halloween: More High-Def Content

Can I see a show of hands for those who’d like to return to strictly a standard definition TV world?  Right…

Standard def TV is OK.  In fact, some FiOS TV customers tell us that SD looks like HD from their previous video provider.  But much like moving from black and white TV to color or experiencing the speed and reliability of FiOS Quantum Internet service instead of cable Internet, it’s hard to imagine watching anything but HD-TV once you’ve seen it, especially over the FiOS all-fiber network.

There’s no question we love offering more HD and we know our customers do too.  That’s why we’re constantly working to enhance the FiOS HD-TV viewing experience and raise customer satisfaction.  So it will come as no surprise to hear that starting this week, we’re rolling out five new HD channels over the month of November.

New HD offerings:

MBC Drama, part of our premium content Korean package and offering a variety of Korean content with English subtitles WE tv, formerly known as Romance Classics, and chiefly for our female audience IFC, to help you laugh at the wild side. FUSE, delivering news, music and videos, from hip-hop to pop. Antena3, part of our Spanish Language package and offering a variety of shows and movies.

With these additions, FiOS TV now offers 165 HD channels.  Mind you, the actual number of HD channels any customer receives depends on the TV package ordered.

We know there are other HD channels customers would like to see, and we’ll continue to provide updates here about additional new FiOS TV content.  Our recent launch of Universal Sports HD has proven to be a big hit as the world started its 100-day countdown Tuesday to the Sochi2014 Winter Olympics. You can tune into Universal Sports HD for a lot of back stories on the winter athletes hoping to reach the Winter games.

AMC HD is another recent HD addition to our channel lineup that’s getting nice reviews from customers.  There, customers can tune in and watch everything from zombies, westerns from yesteryear and modern-era comedy classics.

Much like the Keebler elves, we’re always cooking up more tasty HD-TV for FiOS customers to enjoy. Nosh away.