Planning For Turkey Time With Apps & More

Turkey time is here, and there are some great ways to manage your food budget in time for whatever feast you have in mind.

Here’s a great tip from Indiana friend Jason Crundwell, owner of Crundwell Digital.

Jason found a cool app called Fridge Pal (for iOS) that lets you organize your pantry and also allows you to check and manage expirations dates on items. I’m sure we all have a can of something or another in the recesses of dark cabinet spaces that expired a year or so ago. Since we all clean out the fridge to make room for feast items for Thanksgiving, it’s wise to inventory. If you do, you may avoid buying yet another jar of nutmeg or cloves for your seasonal meals.

What about budgeting for groceries during the turkey time of year? Here are some great general tips from Pete the Planner, a financial guru in Indianapolis, about how to keep your grocery budget in check year round. Last year’s Thanksgiving Day dinner feast cost on average about $5 per person, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation (which was a slight 28-cent increase from the year before). But every penny counts when you’re planning a big meal.

And just in case you're already planning ahead for leftovers, here’s a great crock pot turkey recipe from Heather Tallman (aka Basil Momma). Heather is now the editor of Edible Indy magazine.

If you want some fresh veggie deliveries in time for planning holiday meals, then check out Green BEAN delivery – which is now operating in several states, including Indiana.

If you’re waiting for dough to rise and pies to bake with the family, you can also take advantage of the down time with TGI Black Friday or the Black Friday App. Both free apps let you view the early sales ads from major retailers.

Have any other great turkey tips for us this holiday season – for cooking, shopping or saving? Tweet your blog posts or links to me - @VZWmichelle. We’d love to hear what you have to share!

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Photo Credit: Sugar Daze via Compfight cc