Upgrade your job search with these LinkedIn tips.

By: Verizon Careers

Verizon recruiters share their top LinkedIn tips for candidates.

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In today’s job market, it’s easier than ever to connect with employers and explore opportunities online. LinkedIn has become the ‘go-to’ for employers to share their opportunities and open roles

It’s important to ask yourself: “What am I doing to get noticed as a candidate?” Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your digital persona and how you portray yourself to a potential employer during your job search. Lucky for you, our Verizon recruiters are here to tackle this question and share their top LinkedIn tips on how to stand out among other candidates.

Senior recruiter Joe Delorenzo shares his top three tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

1. Complete sections. 

Completing different sections on your profile will give you a competitive edge among other candidates. From your summary to your certifications, each piece of information you add gives you credibility and relevance. It can even make your profile easily searchable, which comes in handy when recruiters search for candidates with specific skill sets. 

2. Professional photo. 

Users with a professional profile photo receive around 14 times the profile views and 36 times as many messages as those without one. Recruiters and hiring managers want to put a name to a face and adding a professional photo makes your profile seem warm and human.

3. Personalized URL. 

LinkedIn gives every member a customized URL that’s easy to add to your resume or portfolio. Make sure you have your name in the URL to keep it professional and simple to remember.

4. Summary. 

Besides your photo, your summary is the entry point for recruiters and hiring managers to consider looking at your profile. Typically a good summary will have around 40 keywords and give visitors the elevator pitch on your work style, career aspirations, and your accomplishments. Your LinkedIn summary is also a great place to give actual numbers on the positive impact you’ve had at current and previous organizations.

5. Keywords and relevant skills. 

Adding your skills not only shows recruiters your capabilities but helps match you to open positions in your selected area. Having a few endorsements on those skills will also show recruiters and hiring managers that you walk the talk!

6. Personality. 

Your profile shouldn’t be an exact copy of your resume. It should show off your personality with the right tone and voice. It’s typically a best practice to keep your profile in the first person unless company or brand guidelines suggest otherwise.

7. Engage and influence the conversation. 

Studies show that 2 in 5 people interacted with employees from their current job on LinkedIn before being hired. Be sure to stay active on the platform by commenting, liking and sharing articles with your network and industries where you have an interest. 

Keeping an active profile can help connect you to the influencers in your desired field while staying informed on news and trends. Remember, LinkedIn is not the same social network as Instagram or Twitter. Keep it professional and be mindful of what you post.

How V Teamers stand out on LinkedIn. 

Senior recruiter Lauren Freidhof shares the story of a candidate who used their LinkedIn profile to showcase their best self.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool, but it’s only one piece in the complex puzzle of your job search. For more information on best job-hunting practices, check out more of our #AskaRecruiter posts. 

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