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Upping the Fiber In Your Tech Diet

Guest Post by Tom Maguire, Senior Vice President - National Operations Support

When’s the last time you turned down a free upgrade? And why would you?

Over the last two years, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to customers about a simple change that consistently delivers a better, more reliable experience. I’m talking about Verizon’s voice service over a fiber optic network vs. voice over a traditional, often trouble-plagued copper network.

Don’t get me wrong. Copper has served our communications needs well for more than 100 years and in many cases it still does a great job, but you can’t deny progress and it’s hard to argue with the facts.

Since we began upgrading customers to fiber optics from services delivered over copper wires, we’ve dealt with approximately 1 million fewer repair calls than if those customers had remained on copper-served equipment.

If we really want to walk the walk in terms of taking care of our customers, we needed to decide how can we leverage the existing technology we have available to take care of that individual.

The result - tens of thousands of our customers didn’t need to schedule repair appointments or take time out of their day to meet a repair technician.

It also means that we had about one million opportunities to send our techs to where they were needed most, faster.

So customers that don't have the ability to migrate to fiber also receive better service.

Some upgrades are no brainers.