02.01.2016Enterprise Tech

Verizon and Actifio help enterprises back up data in the hybrid cloud

Verizon Enterprise Solutions teamed up with Actifio, a copy data virtualization company, to bring advanced copy data virtualization capabilities to Verizon’s global client base. With this solution, enterprises will be able to securely protect and manage corporate data from like operating systems by accessing Actifio server technology colocated in a Verizon data center.

Simply put, this solution helps take the complexity out of data replication and gives enterprises a single Web interface to move, access and protect stored data. I recently sat down with Mark Beaumont, manager of cloud storage product management at Verizon Enterprise Solutions to discuss how we’re helping organizations advance their digital transformation initiatives.

Q: What is copy data virtualization and why should businesses care?

Answer: Copy data virtualization allows enterprises to capture data from multiple applications, and protect, manage and move it all from a single interface. They can then use the virtual copies of application data, from back-office to front-office apps, for whatever business needs they have, where and when they need it. This helps lower an enterprise’s IT costs by reducing the capital requirements for physical storage hardware and by replacing the typical sprawl of backup, replication, de-dupe software and related maintenance.

Q: How does the data get to Verizon?

Answer: The Actifio solution securely replicates data from a customer premise to a Verizon data center, sending globally de-duped and compressed data while reducing the bandwidth required. Because the data is compatible with nearly every type of storage system, various applications, and operating systems, it helps solve a customer’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ problem of needing matched sets of storage arrays. This helps to reduce costs and avoid what we call ‘vendor lock-in’.

Q: Why is this solution important for customers?

Answer: By teaming with Actifio, Verizon now offer its customers a simple, single solution to protect, move and store their data in a secure Verizon data center. Another major benefit is that customers can now get rapid access to their ‘backup’ data in Actifio for development operations or analytics purposes. Verizon customers receive a simple, reliable solution to protect and restore cloud workloads. Hybrid IT environments are enabled by data mobility, resiliency and flexibility across their enterprise with copy data virtualization.

Q: How are we helping our customers advance their digital transformation strategies?

Answer: We see many customers trapped by the complexity of their legacy infrastructure and inhibited from realizing the full benefits of the hybrid cloud.  At the same time, they need to innovate around their data.  In other words, their operations are getting in the way of their developmental initiatives. This solution provides radical simplification across existing complex infrastructure operations. In addition to helping to improve operations and putting the application data where it’s needed, Verizon is helping clients be more agile so they can deliver better customer experiences.