Verizon Employee Shines a Light on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. Male, female, young, old, race, income, sexual orientation — anyone can be caught in a pattern of intimidation and abuse. Kristy Murphy, manager-database marketing, is determined to heighten awareness through her volunteer work with the Crisis Center North (CCN) in Pittsburgh, PA for the last 18 months.

Using her technology background at Verizon perfectly aligns with CCN’s need to get the message out. Kristy meets regularly with law enforcement, schools, medical staff and local CCN staff. “I also represent the voice of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning) community through CCN,” says Kristy.

Ending abuse requires many approaches. “Some of the initiatives include providing awareness and funds to prevent domestic violence in the community and offering K-5 educators suggestions and assistance to deal with domestic abuse in schools,” says Kristy. Getting others involved is important, too. Kristy is a four-year coach and mentor with the accomplished Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners fast pitch softball team.

Volunteer duties are many, including assisting with athletic conditioning and guiding the young women through the process of college recruitment for their athletic abilities. Kristy used her creative talent to design team shirts that raise awareness of domestic violence. The team also gathered laundry detergent, soap and other sanitary items for CCN. “I am passionate about being kind to each other and being safe. CCN is all about safety and finding alternatives to violence,” says Kristy.