Verizon Frontline supports disaster response training exercise in Southern California

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Verizon Frontline recently took part in a multi-agency Homeland Defense/Defense Support of Civil Authorities training exercise held at Naval Air Station North Island.

These types of exercises allow federal, state and local agencies, and industry partners like Verizon Frontline, to discuss and assess the effectiveness of their response plans and capabilities by working through simulated emergency scenarios.

The goal of these training exercises is to prepare civilian, government and military organizations to work together as they would during an actual disaster by establishing and reinforcing relationships, developing a framework for communicating and sharing resources and improving collaboration.

This year’s training, which involved more than 450 participants, centered around a simulated 6.4 magnitude earthquake along the Newport-Inglewood-Rose Canyon Fault and a cyber attack, along with multiple other simulated crises.

In the scenario, Verizon was asked by the Department of Defense to prioritize restoring network connectivity across the impacted area. Exercise participants also worked through solutions to ensure the availability of diesel fuel for cellular macro site generators.

The Verizon Frontline team also showcased some of Verizon’s nearly 600 deployable assets during the exercise to highlight Verizon’s innovative response capabilities. Verizon Frontline’s Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response (THOR) platform demonstrated its ability to establish a network connection in austere environments. One of the Verizon Frontline Innovation Program’s Robotic Emergency Dogs (RED) was also featured during the exercise.

Verizon Frontline is the advanced network and technology built for first responders – developed over three decades of partnership with public safety officials and agencies on the front lines – to meet their unique and evolving needs.

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