Verizon HopeLine Continues Efforts to Collect One Million Phones Through Ohio Partnership

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more than 20,000 calls are placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide. Verizon is partnering with one non-profit in Ohio to connect domestic violence survivors to the resources and help they need through the use of recycled phones. The Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN) recognized October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by presenting outstanding leadership awards to Judge Ronald B. Adrine and Verizon. Verizon and the ODVN have been partners for several years in providing training, resources, education and advocacy to victims of domestic violence.

This month, Verizon is teaming up with the organization for a month-long phone drive to collect one million used phones. "Verizon is making a positive difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence by directly empowering them through the provision of phones to help them become safer and more secure and by supporting state and local domestic violence projects that provide essential services and foster prevention of domestic violence,” said Nancy Neylon, executive director of ODVN.

In addition, Verizon presented Nancy with a grant for $50,000 to aid her organization in its efforts. The ODVN and its partners do phenomenal work helping to support victims and survivors, raising awareness and helping prevent domestic violence in Ohio.

verizon-hopeline-ohio Andy Brady, Verizon Wireless retail director, presents a $50,000 grant to ODVN’s Nancy Neylon and Bridget Mahoney, along with Elsa Croucher


  verizon-hopeline-ohio Nancy Neylon, executive director of ODVN, Honorable Judge Ronald B. Adrine, Andy Brady, Verizon Wireless retail director and Elsa Croucher.

HopeLine collects no-longer-used wireless phones, batteries, chargers, and accessories in any condition, from any service provider, to benefit victims and survivors of domestic violence. Wireless phones given to HopeLine are turned into valuable financial support for domestic violence awareness and prevention initiatives Since its launch in 2011, HopeLine has collected more than 11 million phones nationwide, and Verizon hopes to add another million this year alone. With support from so many individuals, business and community leaders taking action against domestic violence by participating in the HopeLine drives, we hope to one day eliminate domestic violence once and for all.