Verizon leads testing effort for RSA Hackathon

Media contact(s) 
Kevin King

Verizon is spearheading the Cloud Security Alliance’s fourth annual Software Defined Perimeter Hackathon, taking place at the USA 2016 RSA Conference February 29 through March 4 in San Francisco. The hackathon invites participants from all over the world to hack a cloud-based mission critical application with a top prize of $10,000 to the first hacker to either access or disrupt the server.

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) represents a new way to secure an enterprise network using a framework of security controls designed to mitigate network-based attacks on Internet-accessible applications. SDP offers promise for how to better secure enterprise networks with the growth of non-secure mobile devices, cloud services and outsourcing, yet is fairly nascent in its development. 

Verizon will lend its infrastructure and expertise to enable the SDP Hackathon to reflect the actual architecture used to serve government and business clients. More importantly, Verizon will monitor the public cloud infrastructure to see how well the SDP is able to provide 100 percent uptime by combining the resources of multiple public clouds. “Hackathons use the power of crowdsourcing to make applications, software and networks more resilient,” said Jeffrey Schweitzer, product and new business innovation, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “By giving hackers the opportunity to hack their way in and chronicling their methods, this open-innovation initiative aims to fortify the SDP model so that organizations can realize the value of this new approach to security.”

Hackers from all over the world participated in previous CSA SDP hackathons. Historically, notable entrants signed on from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Korea, Romania, Russia, UK, and the US. To date, no one has been able to circumvent even the first of the five SDP security controls layers. We’ll see if this year’s any different.

The CSA will host SDP demonstrations at its booth, #S2614 (South Hall), at noon PDT each day of the RSA Conference. Stop by the Verizon Enterprise Solutions booth at RSA (Booth #3001).