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Verizon offers data relief for customers in Hurricane Harvey impacted areas

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Verizon offers data relief for customers during Hurricane Harvey

Relief extended through September 15, 2017

For customers in qualified counties in South Texas, Verizon Wireless is saying, “We’ve Got Your Back.” From August 26 through September 15, Verizon is giving postpaid customers talk, text and data relief while prepaid customers receive an extra 3 GB for talk, text and data. Wireless communication is essential during severe weather, which is why the Verizon network team prepares year round to ensure a strong performance during times like these. The September 15 date reflects a one-week extension to what was previously announced.

“Our customers rely on our network every day to stay connected to their loved ones and that need rises when a disaster strikes,” said Krista Bourne – president, South Central Market for Verizon Wireless. “This offer is our way of showing each customer that “we’ve got your back” and we’re here to support the South Texas community.”

Verizon values the safety and security of all South Texas residents, including the company’s employees. Before visiting, please contact your local store as store hours may vary depending on weather and travel conditions.