Verizon Partner Program Workshop: Connecting Innovation & Experts in Columbus

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In today’s increasingly connected world, opportunities to create products and solutions for the Internet of Things are everywhere. Verizon answered this call for innovation with a developer workshop at Rev1 Ventures in Columbus, OH on September 24.

The workshop was part of the Verizon Partner Program (VPP), which helps businesses, startup companies and developers learn how to connect their technology with the Verizon network. Verizon regularly seeks out engineers and innovators across Ohio who are interested in taking their wireless solutions to the next level.

During the half-day event, Verizon experts sat down with Columbus developers to walk through the full development cycle from ideation to iteration. Developers learned about topics relevant to their inventive solutions, including hardware design, certification, implementation and product launch.

One of these developers, Rob Lowry, came to the event to learn more about connecting his concept through the Internet of Things. Rob has developed a unique idea for a locator solution. He sought out the Verizon experts to help him bring his product to market.

“I’ve been kicking the idea around for about two years,” said Rob. “When I told the Verizon experts I didn’t think they had a device for me because what I had seen was too big for what I have planned, they listened and just kept coming back with ideas. Then they told me about the developer workshop. We came with the expectation there may be a solution that fits our needs, and we think we found it today.”

Rob Lowry (left) and Bill Gamber of Commercial Control discuss Verizon’s location tracking services.

Workshop attendees also had the opportunity to meet Verizon’s current partners and get hands-on experience with a variety of hardware tools. Verizon partners, including Sierra Wireless, Multi-Tech, Nimbelink, Cradlepoint, Janus, Connected Development, Taoglas and Digital Highway, spoke one-on-one with developers and answered questions about the Internet of Things, hardware and data solutions, network activity and their personal advice on bringing a solution to market.

Tony Morgan, an embedded systems engineer with Priority Designs, attended the Columbus workshop and found speaking with the Verizon partners one of the most beneficial parts of the day. Priority Designs is a product development firm in Columbus. The firm works with clients from a wide range of industries, including sporting goods, home solutions, medical devices and industrial application.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="421"]Tony Morgan from Priority Designs stops to try out the Verizon connected photo solution by Twine It.[/caption]

“The partners at the event were great,” said Tony. “They offered a lot of possibility around the range of options. It was a good introduction to these partners and their solutions. We’re just getting our feet wet when it comes to mobile broadband connectivity, learning who’s out there and who we can partner with from chip design and embedded design, to antenna and RF design.”

If you’re interested in connecting your innovative idea with the Verizon network or want to attend the next developer workshop in Pittsburgh on October 21, check out the Verizon Partner Program website.

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