Verizon Partner Solutions – Q1 2019 Highlights

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Joanna Perrin

Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS) is the global wholesale partner of choice to deliver a better experience on a better network – connecting customers to the digital world. During Q1 2019, VPS worked with customers to deliver connectivity services such as Ethernet, Voice, Security and Internet solutions in 2,700 cities across the globe. Q1 2019 highlights include:

Clients and partners:

  • VPS won new business, expanded current service or began agreed-upon work for a number of customers, including APXNext.

Product enhancements:

During the quarter, VPS:

  • Launched additional security services that help protect data and networks, including:

    • Software Defined Perimeter

    • Verizon Risk Report

    • Managed Security Services

    • DoS Shield

  • Expanded its Switched Ethernet, InterLATA Transparent LAN Service (TLS) service to ten LATAs (Local Access and Transport Area) in U.S.

  • Launched new “Hot Wave Routes’ program for select locations in U.S.

  • Expanded its Fiber to the Internet U.S. locations by 70,000 to 580,000 in total, helping customers to benefit from easy installation coupled with competitive price points.

  • Introduced new Wireless Backup pricing, enabling secure backup connectivity for locations across the United States

Awards and recognition:

  • VPS’ senior vice president, Eric Cevis, was recognized by Capacity magazine as one of its 2018 Power 100

  • VPS was named as ATLANTIC-ACM’s Global Large Service Provider of the Year for Network Performance, Service Delivery and Sales Reps.

VPS news

  • Eric Cevis outlined his key takeaways from the VPS annual Partner Summit in an article on the VPS content hub. These included his focus on leveraging overall Verizon network investments to deliver more services to his customers; bringing new enhanced solutions to market to expand the offerings that connect VPS customers to the digital world; and transforming the VPS customer experience with new APIs and tools to simplify day-to-day customer interactions.

  • Eric Cevis gave his view on key developments in the wholesale world in 2018, and his predictions for 2019 in an article on the Verizon newscenter.

  • Thought leadership articles were posted to the VPS content hub on topics including Critical IT considerations during Mergers & Acquisitions, IOT; SDN and how VPS is transforming the customer experience.

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