No More Phone Fails! Introducing Open Enrollment For Total Mobile Protection

Have you ever opted out of getting insurance for your mobile phone only to regret it later? We’ve all heard stories of phones that end up lost, stolen, drowned in washing machines or toilets, or shattered after being dropped countless times. Mobile phones are not only a major expense, they’re also essential sidekicks that help us manage our personal and professional lives. We find it close to impossible to leave the house without them.

That’s why Verizon is holding open enrollment for our Total Mobile Protection plans beginning today through September 7, 2014. Now, if you have a smartphone or select tablet that you purchased more than 30 days ago, but within the last 24 months, you can protect your device from loss, theft, damage and post-warranty defects. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind so you can relax a little and let the toddler or clumsy adult in your life play with your phone!

Visit the Total Mobile Protection site for more information on various phone protection plans and options starting as low as $3/month per line.

Here are some phone fail stories from Midwest bloggers who had their own phone mishaps. Can you top theirs? Tweet your own story using #PhoneFail and tell us about your hilarious or crazy phone disasters!

"I was taking a bath and the phone was sitting on the floor with music playing. For some reason I picked it up to look at it. I reached over to set it on the toilet lid and, "SPLASH." The lid was up! I jumped out of that tub and stuck my hand in the toilet faster than you can say 'Dang, my phone!'" - Toni-Lynn, Delightful Chaos, @delightfultoni

"We stopped to take pictures on Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway on our way to Washington D.C. As we were climbing over rocks, my husband handed me my phone by placing it on the top of a nearby rock. The problem was that the rock had a crack that went down several feet, and my phone fell in the crack when he set it on top. My dad and husband were able to get the phone out with a coat hanger, MacGyver skills and many prayers after what felt like an eternity!" - Nedra, Adventure Mom, @TheAdventureMom

"Shortly after I got my iPhone, I was sitting at my desk. Since my dog was a huge fan of me, his food and bed were close by. Without realizing it, I had knocked my phone off the desk and into the dog's water dish. It must have sat there for an hour or longer. Suddenly, when I was making dinner, I noticed the dog's water lit up. I was puzzled and shocked. As I walked over, there was my phone, vibrating and ringing away ... all lit up! What a shocking surprise to see my phone in the water dish. I freaked out and scooped it up. I missed the call, but after the phone dried up it worked as good as gold. And now I watch my phone much more closely! Dodged it that time!" - Bobbie McKeefrey, Think. Talk. Blog, @ThinkTalkBlog

"My wife isn't the most tech savvy person, but one thing she's learned to use - and love - is the Starbucks app on her smartphone, particularly when she's on the go. Going through the drive-thru, getting it to the right screen, reaching through a mini-van window, and trying to ignore three antsy kids before you’ve had your morning caffeine is easier said than done - and makes forgetting that the phone is still connected to the charger understandable! In her case, that forgotten charger cord acted as a mini-catapult, and as she yanked the phone out to pay the barista it sent the phone hurtling out the window, against the wall of the Starbucks, skittering face down beneath the front tire. Amazingly, after some scrambling and searching the phone was recovered with only minor scratches - albeit by a muddied and embarrassed owner who needed that coffee more than ever!" Michael Kastler, TechTalk Radio, @TechTalkWRLR

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