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Verizon Wireless completes first live 3G wireless data call on Its Lucent Technologies-supplied network

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Demonstration of ITU-approved CDMA2000-1x technology demonstrated at 153 kb/s over existing network

BEDMINSTER, N.J. -- Verizon Wireless and Lucent Technologies today announced the first high-speed third-generation (3G) wireless data call on a commercial Lucent-supplied network, demonstrating a wireless web page download at a transmission rate ten times faster than what's now available on code division multiple access (CDMA) networks.

The peak transmission rate of 153 kilobits per second (kb/s) is more than twice that available on typical 56 kb/s dial-up modems. The transmission was made possible by a newly developed circuit pack installed in a standard commercial Lucent FlexentTM base station located near Trenton, N.J..

The circuit pack upgrade and software modification are all that Verizon Wireless needs to meet the requirements of the International Telecommunications Union's 3G standard for the cdma2000-1x technology, known as IS-2000. Lucent's flexible equipment design will enable the nation's largest wireless operator to equip much of its network for high-speed wireless data services without massive changeouts.

"It's clear our customers will demand both voice and data services from our networks in the future and this is the first significant step in providing rich, robust digital data networking for them," said Richard Lynch, executive vice president and chief technical officer for Verison Wireless. "Due to this successful 3G 1X demonstration, I'm confident Verizon Wireless will be ready for commercial deployment very soon. Based on this, we expect to begin implementing plans to bring the technology to market next year."

"Lucent and Verizon Wireless have had a long history of collaboration in commercializing CDMA networks, " said Michael Iandolo, Lucent's vice president-cellular and PCS product management and marketing. "Some six years ago we began to test second-generation digital improvements to their original analog network with an incremental investment that preserved those investments already made. Over the next few months, we will further enhance the value of Verizon Wireless' CDMA network assets with the seamless introduction of 3G capabilities, while effectively doubling network capacity for voice."

Last month Verizon Wireless named Lucent a primary supplier of network infrastructure and announced it intends to purchase up to $1.5 billion in equipment, software and services. With this capital program Verizon Wireless will increase coverage and capacity in key markets and offer 3G mobile Internet access, other enhanced data and voice services to business and residential customers.