Verizon Wireless introduces nation's first wireless phone upgrade plan

"New Every Two" frees customers from the worries of equipment obsolescence

Bedminster, NJ -- Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless service provider, today announced the first nationwide plan that virtually eliminates customers' wireless equipment obsolescence concerns. New Every Two aggressively addresses the evolutionary nature of wireless technology with a unique plan to upgrade customers' wireless phones for free every two years. With New Every Two, customers who sign up for a new two-year digital wireless service plan of $35 or more monthly access, will get a free handset upgrade when they renew that two-year service agreement. Customers pay nothing to participate in New Every Two. The plan gives a $100 credit to those who would rather push the technology to its limits by purchasing a more feature-rich wireless phone than the one included in the offer.

"Wireless technology is in the midst of a revolution with new products and services being introduced at a record pace," said Debra Carroll, Verizon Wireless vice-president marketing. "Customers deserve some assurance from their service provider that they will not only have access to these new services but get them at an affordable rate. New Every Two provides customers with that assurance. With New Every Two, all they have to do is select the wireless service, equipment worries have been eliminated."

Industry research has shown that customers typically upgrade their wireless equipment approximately every two years. New Every Two gives customers a way to ensure that they will have a more advanced digital phone, regardless of how the technology changes. For the first time, a wireless service provider is actively seeking to support the long-term loyalty of customers with a promise that when the technology changes, they will be able to get the service they want with the equipment they need to make it work.

"Increasingly, consumers are using wireless handsets to do more than just talk; they read e-mail, access the Internet, and manage their stock portfolios. And the future of the industry promises even more options," Carroll added. "The New Every Two promise is Verizon Wireless will sort through the array of available equipment and suggest the product that will give customers the best option for the technology. It's simple, affordable and customers have nothing to lose. New Every Two provides consumers with another reason to 'join in' the Verizon Wireless community of satisfied customers."

Verizon Wireless customers who opted for any of the company's $35 or higher monthly access digital service plans with a two-year contract that began with the company's launch in April will automatically be eligible for the New Every Two option. Customers must remain on a digital plan during the term of the contract and renew on a two-year digital plan at the end of the term to participate in New Every Two.