Verizon Wireless offers first "cord-free" headset in New York

ORANGEBURG, NY — In another first, Verizon Wireless has begun offering the industry's first "cord-free" headset, the next step in hands-free communication. The JABRA FreeSpeak™ headset delivers a cord-free connection between a headset and any wireless phone from up to 30 feet away and eliminates the hassle of tangled wires. For phones equipped with voice activated dialing, users can make or receive calls without ever touching their phones.

Offered exclusively by Verizon Wireless, the FreeSpeak headset provides both cord-free comfort and hands-free convenience. The lightweight headset hugs the ear comfortably and the LED indicator light alerts others when you are on the phone, even from a distance.

The FreeSpeak wireless headset is made possible by Bluetooth technology, but the unique design makes the headset compatible with all wireless phones—not just the Bluetooth enabled. A belt clip adaptor syncs the universal headset to the phone instantly; no technical assistance or phone modifications are necessary.

Customers may purchase the FreeSpeak headset package, including belt clip adaptor, for $149.99 at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores or online at