Volunteers and Donors for #VZHopeLineIN at the Home of the Indianapolis Colts

When it comes to raising money to keep shelters and domestic violence organizations open, the budget pie charts may all have different percentages – but the critical support almost always boils down to donations, volunteers and grants. That also means you.

This October, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, our game day donors included a couple entering the Verizon gate on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium who dropped off four phones into the blue bucket for HopeLine from Verizon. They did what we asked — cleaned out a junk drawer and pulled the old flips and sliders out to bring to the afternoon game. A drop in our bucket for HopeLine means continued operations for special places such as Coburn Place Safe Haven in Indianapolis. “They were just old,” Mike McCroskey said of his donated phones. “They were flip phones and sliders and some cables.

We have season tickets to the Colts and donate what we can whenever we’re asked.” Mike and his wife, Penny, drove down to Indy from Lafayette and made their donations before entering the game Mike and Karen McCroskey donating old phones at Lucas Oil Stadium.


Madeline Eisenhut, a Butler University sophomore and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, came to help with donations because Coburn Place is one of her sorority’s supported philanthropies. Jim Grant, an employee of Verizon who supports our 4G LTE network, came with his wife Penny to greet donors and hand out flashing red pins to thank people for their donations. All in all, we worked as a team with tight end Dwayne Allen leading the charge for our phone collection supported by the Colts family at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Our Sunday collection translated to an immediate $10,000 grant for Coburn Place, one of the city’s largest long-term transitional housing programs for domestic violence survivors. We know that 92 percent of Coburn Place graduates exit to safe housing of their choice last year. So that’s a winning call. Thanks to everyone who made our #VZHopeLineIN collection a success and to all the media who reminded people to donate — NUVO, Indy Star, WISH-TV, WIBC Radio, The Ride with JMV, WTTV-TV, Indianapolis Monthly, Query & Schultz and Fox59. Everyone who takes time to mention HopeLine and informs the public about this important cause means one less family on a waiting list escaping domestic violence.

Don’t forget to make your donations at any time of the year at a Verizon retail store near you.